Dear Swiss Wikipedians,

after a few weeks of 'lurking', I thought now was a good time to
introduce myself on this mailing-list. I am mostly active on the
English Wikipedia, except for the occasional wikilink on fr or de, but
despite my last name, I am a French speaker, leaving in Suisse
Romande, and my German is somewhat patchy. I am therefore very
grateful for the recent discussion that saw English chosen as the
lingua franca in this list.

Although there are several comments I wanted to make during the last
discussions, I have finally decided to post here following an
interesting article in "Le Temps" today (today being already Mon 30th
Jan). The text, in French, can be found at

(they will remain available only for today or a few days). The article
is not perfect (a few mistakes, as far as I know), but the general
tone is largely positive.

Which brings me to a question... Do you still need help for contacts
with the French-Speaking newspapers/medias in Switzerland ? Just like
everyone, I don't have much free time (Wikipedia editing already eats
much of it...), but would be happy to help if needed -- with the
caveats that I am pretty bad when "speaking in direct" (eg no radio
for me...), and I don't know the French wikipedia as well as the
English one (but the article on Le Temps, for example, was mostly
about the well-publicised reports on en.w.o).

All the best,

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