> Hm, actually he already wrote in his last email that he would not be
> able to attend (after we made proposal about "fixing his schedule". So
> I'm not so sure which new arguments we have at the moment that could
> persuade him. But I might have missed something (away in holidays last
> week)

As far as I understand it, we have no reply to your (Michael) mail
"Re: [Wikimediach-l] Re: Swiss Wikipedia Day 2006 - Invitation"

It is not absolutely impossible to hold a speech in Göttingen and in 
Zurich the same day. He could take the ICE in Göttingen at 10:17 and be 
in GEP 16:15.

If we are flexible even the 12:17 train would work. Jimbo could be in 
GEP by 18:15.

Maybe it's worth asking a second time.


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