Fine, it seems that we're soon able to post the bylaws in all 5 languages! Hopefully, this means the beginning of a really plurilingual association that we're aiming to become. 

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Subject:  Re: [Wikimediach-l] Rumantsch Grischun - summaryfor non-german-speakers
Date:  Wed, 15 Mar 2006 12:05:22 +0100
>Ilario Valdelli wrote:
> > IMHO there is no problem. The master document should be the english
> > version because it is the document approved by international board.
>I have a first question. Article 1 says
>"The association will be named "Wikimedia CH" – Verein zur Förderung
>Freien Wissens (Wikimedia CH – Association for the advancement of free
>What is the _formal_ name ? It it only "Wikimedia CH" (as indicated by
>the quotes), and which would look like the correct name to me (language
>neutral) ? In this case, the following text is descriptive and we should
>probably put the English version first.
>Related question: any objection if I replace all occurences of "Verein"
>by "Association" in the text ? There is no point having a German word in
>the text when there is a corresponding English word.
> > Frederic, if you need some help i the translation you can ask to me.
>I should be ok, starting from the English version, but it would be good
>to have someone to compare the French and German versions afterwards to
>look for inconsistencies.

I could do that as soon as you have finished your translation. Thanks for your work in advance!
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