Looking at the latest changes on the CH wiki... is it on purpose that 
the current resolutions look as formal as a UN Security Council 
resolution ?  "RESOLVED... AND... FURTHER RESOLVED... so proposed on the 
fifteenth of March 2006". I know it is borderline to hairsplitting, but 
this makes the whole thing look very bureaucratic, especially given that 
there no formal entity yet... Could we do with "friendlier" texts, please ?

Also, do we really need to protect the pages ? We all know that even if 
changes are made after a resolution has been accepted, they can be 
reverted. The reason I am asking this (in addition to the general 
principle that we should only protect pages if needed) is that there are 
several typos on the page Board/Resolutions/2006/02 that I was ready to 

Last, but not least... this resolution says that "Wikimedia CH shall 
have its seat in Zurich". Does that mean "until a President is elected", 
or is there a change to the proposed bylaws ?

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