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   We will be posting the minutes from our weekly meeting to the mailing
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Meeting Notes-1 July 2014


Eugene Eichelberger (EE)

Shannon Eichelberger (SE)

Sabina Bonnici (SB)

Rebecca O’Neill (RO)

Oliver Moran (OM)




   Contacting Collins Barracks in Cork about organising a WWI edit-a-thon

   Signing up for Train the Trainer training in UK in August

   Agreed to be a point of contact for Sharon Flynn who is based at NUI



   Chasing up leads for edit-a-thons around WWI in Dublin.

   Contacting Killester Legion Hall about creating a Wikipedia page for them

   Met with 2 staff members of NLI-not on board for an “official”
   relationship by some individual staff members might be interested in
   working with us. Suggested at Harry Clarke edit-a-thon

   Meeting with Women’s Museum of Ireland soon

   Still looking into Ada Lovelace/Women in Science and Tech edit-a-thon in
   October and Science Gallery Blood edit-a-thon

   Working on creating a calendar to firm up dates for edit-a-thons

User Group



   Wikimedia UK will not transfer the domain name wikimedia.ie to an
   individual, only to a commercial entity-EE will follow up with them

   Would like a BOT to email all Irish Wikimedians. OM will write the
   script and handle the notifications

   Follow up with Allison about translator list. Sharon Flynn will also try
   to recruit some from NUI Galway

   No acknowledgment of the User Group has been made by Wikimedia


   It was agreed by all present that the minutes of the meetings will be
   emailed to the organising group, emailed through the mailing list, and put
   on the website

   It was also agreed that the a Public Trello board will be created to
   anyone can see what we are working on. SE will create and maintain the new




   Schedule for Wikimania 2014 in London is still in progress

   The group will have access to a table at some point during the weekend.
   RO will be point of contact

   Wikimedia UK has offered to print up flyers for us for Wikimania. For
   now we are leaving design ideas up to the UK group

   SB, RO, and OM are planning on attending Wikimania

Wiki Loves Monuments


   The list is up on Wikipedia though the location data is not very
   accurate. This week EE, SE, SB, and RO will work on adding/correcting
   location data on the Wikipedia pages.

   We have a complete list of 148,000 national monuments in Ireland. Open
   Knowledge Ireland or Open Data Ireland might be will to help us with
   hack-a-thons to sort and organise the data

   SB will add a column to the Wikipedia list indicating which monuments
   are eligible in the contest

   SE will contact Elizabeth Kirwan at Photography Archive about a
   photography juror

   The date for the launch is during Heritage Week August 25-31. SE is
   speaking to OPW about using St Audeons Church in Dublin for the launch

   The date for the Awards Ceremony is set for 6-10 November. SE received
   permission from Photography Archive to hold a pop-up event but only for one
   day. She is contacting Temple Bar Gallery and Studio to rent a space

   SB will be speaking to Fiona from the Heritage Council tomorrow about
   them promoting us during Heritage Week

   The Department of Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht has given us
   permission to use their logo on our site. SB will ask Heritage Council for
   permission to use their logo

   Marketing/PR plan to be produced over next few weeks

   SB will craft a grant proposal for the Department of Arts, Heritage, and
   the GAeltacht to cover PR, Marketing and photographers for the events

   We still do not know if an international contest will take place. The
   mailing list seems to indicate that they are struggling to find volunteers.
   SB will offer our assistance to the international group



   SB noticed there is a website on wikipedia.ie. She will bring it to the
   attention of Wikimedia and let them handle it

The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday 8 July @ 7pm in Dublin. If you
are in Dublin would like to attend the meeting or would like Skype in send
an email to wikimediairel...@gmail.com

Minutes taken by SE
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