Hello Irish Wikimedians,

  Here are the minutes from the meeting this week:

Meeting Minutes-8 July 2014


Eugene Eichelberger (EE)

Shannon Eichelberger (SE)

Sabina Bonnici (SB)

Rebecca O’Neill (RO)

Sharon Flynn (SF)



   RO has firmed up a few dates for edit-athons:


   WWI-Battle of Ypres is November 22-looking at weekend of 20-21 November.
   RO has a meeting with National Museum looking for support

   Women in Science-Ada Lovelace Day is 14 October-looking at weekend
   before. TOG, a hacker space in Dublin, has offered it’s space for this event

   Harry Clarke-several museums in Dublin are doing events around Clarke.
   Looking at this event happening in the January-March period. RO has sent
   out some emails looking for support

   NUI Galway-SF is conducting research into a topic and date for an


   SB will set up a google calendar to keep track of events and meetings
   where we might want to talk.

Editor Engagement


   There are a couple of teacher meetings coming up where we can give talks
   or training: November in Dublin, February in Cork, and May in Dublin. SF
   also suggested the ILTA Conference in late May/Early June.

Irish Language


   SF is meeting with the head of the Irish Department about gaining access
   to translators. She will also explore a plan to engage students in editing
   Vicipéid. The Community should be able to provide training for that.

User Group


   EE is still working on obtaining an email address, i...@wikimedia.ie

   We still haven’t heard back about the User Group status

Wiki Loves Monuments


   The Grant for this project has been approved. Some steps still need to
   be taken:


   -paperwork needs to be filed with Wikimedia Foundation

   -Bank account needs to be set up to receive funds

   -EE will explore the option of setting up Wikimedia Ireland Group as LLC


   Once the paperwork is filed, the funds will be transferred in
   approximately 30 days

   Heritage Week is now an official sponsor of the event. RO created a
   fabulous ad to be placed in the Heritage Week book. They provided us with a
   list of county Heritage Offices. SB will send out an email inquiring about
   adding county-run monuments to the list.

   Photo walks are also being promoted as part of Heritage Week. SB has
   semi-confirmed a walk in Drogheda. We hope to plan one in each county. SF
   will look at hosting one at NUI. Any photowalks will be promoted through
   Heritage Week.

   The Launch event has been confirmed at St Audeon’s in Dublin. SE will
   meet with OPW this week. SE will also pin down a venue/date for the Awards

   The monuments list is up and running. It had to be divided into the four
   provinces due to it’s size. SE will add the missing monuments this week. We
   will create a page on the website that links to all of the county pages on

   We discussed how we would be notified if someone uploaded a picture of
   our monuments. Wikimedia UK has links on Wikipedia which fill in some of
   the Meta data for each monument. Over the next few weeks we will explore
   different option such as creating our own template or something similar to
   the UK.

The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday 15 July @ 7pm in Dublin. If you
are in Dublin would like to attend the meeting or would like Skype in send
an email to wikimediairel...@gmail.com

Minutes taken by SE
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