Meeting Minutes-6 October 2015


Shannon Eichelberger (SE)

Eugene Eichelberger (EE)

Rebecca O’Neill (RO)

Sharon Flynn (SF)

Joseph Quinn (JQ)

User Group


   Reviewed the chapter paperwork status. Discussions on by-laws will begin
   at the next meeting.



   UCD-Tomorrow RO will run a training session for a class using the
   Wikipedia Education Program with SE also attending. RO explained how the
   Education Program works. JQ might have another course interested in using
   it. He will get back to us.

   Irish Year of Design-the event is this weekend in Limerick. SE, RO, SF
   and Oliver will be attending.

   PRONI-JQ got in touch with his contact at PRONI about an event in early
   2016. PRONI asked for some dates. The group decided to offer any Thursday
   in February or the first 2 weeks in March.


No News



   We ended the contest with 1661 images (22nd) uploaded by 294 users (6th).

   The pre-sorted of the images has begun. They are due to be finished by
   12 October. The remaining images will then be forwarded to the judges.

   RO will create an invite for the awards event.

   EE will be building easels to display the images at the awards event.

   A volunteer from the UK has done some work with the categorization of
   the images from the 2015 competition. He has also added images to existing
   articles. Due to this work, 1% of the new images are currently being used.

Science Gallery


   TRAUMA-EE heard back from the Science Gallery and they would like us to
   suggest dates for our next event. EE will suggest a night during the week
   on 17-23 January. Once we have a date secured we will begin to recruit

The next meeting will take place on Tuesday 13 October at 6:30pm in Dublin.
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