Meeting Minutes-13 October 2015


Shannon Eichelberger (SE)

Eugene Eichelberger (EE)

Rebecca O’Neill (RO)

Sharon Flynn (SF)

Joseph Quinn (JQ)

User Group


   No News



   IYOD Limerick-we had a successful event with a large amount of edits. We
   also made a contact at University of Limerick who is interested in holding
   more events.

   PRONI-JQ’s contact there is changing. We are looking at a possible date
   in February.



   SCI:COM 15-8 December-One of the speakers will be presenting about their
   experience with a Wikimedian in Residence. It was decided that we should
   have a presence there. SE will write a grant requesting WMF cover the
   conference charge and transport and accommodation.



   Presort has been completed and the list has been sent to the judges.
   They will return their top 15 for the semi final round by 24 October. The
   semi-final list will then be compiled and returned to the judges for their
   final top 10 to be returned by 31 October.

   RO has completed the invite. It will be shared on Facebook, Twitter, and
   the mailing list.

Other Events


   Science Gallery-No news



   Vicipéid-We received an email from a researcher looking for information
   on Vicipéid. RO will look for some relevant papers. SF will be the point of

   Education Program-RO will send an email inquiring about changes to the
   application process before we move forward.

   Wikipedia Library-RO is starting to collect free sources.

The next meeting will take place on Wednesday 21 October at 6:30pm in
Dublin. If you would like to attend, either in person or via Google
Hangouts, please send an email to

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