Meeting Minutes-21 October 2015


Shannon Eichelberger (SE)

Eugene Eichelberger (EE)

Sharon Flynn (SF)

Neeku Shamekhi (NS)

User Group


   By-laws-We made it through more than half of the bylaws which can be
   found here. Here are some notes from the discussion:

      After the discussion of the bylaws in finished it will be put out on
      the mailing list for comment. We would also like to allow the
mailing list
      members vote on acceptance.

      Article 1-Not sure about the name Wikimedia Éire-will consulte Oliver

      Article 2-Asks for physical address of chapter. As we won’t have an
      office, this was deleted

      Article 6 Section 2.5-There was discussion about having to be an
      Associate Member for 6 months before being a full member. No
consensus was
      reached, so it remains in for now.

      Article 16 Section 2-We discussed a way to confirm invitation to the
      AGM. EE will look into it.

   We will continue the discussion of the bylaws at the next meeting.



   No News



   SCI:COM-SE will finish the grant and submit it by the end of the week.



   One judge has returned semi-final picks. SE contacted the judges to
   remind of the 24 October deadline.

   The PR company contacted us about awards promotion. We will get back to
   them next week.

Other Events


   Science Gallery-EE has confirmed the date for the TRAUMA meeting for 20
   January at 6:30. EE will start recruiting speakers.



   Vicipéid-SE will forward on the contact details of SF to the researcher.

   Education Program-It was agreed that SF and SE will apply for course
   co-ordinator rights. The application will be put in after Rebecca returns
   so she can endorse it.

Due to Mid-Term break next week we will not have a meeting. The next
meeting will take place on Tuesday 3 November at 6:30pm in Dublin. If you
would like to attend, either in person or via Google Hangouts, please send
an email to

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