Meeting Minutes-3 November 2015


Shannon Eichelberger (SE)

Eugene Eichelberger (EE)

Sharon Flynn (SF)

Joseph Quinn (JQ)

Gabriel Beecham (GB)

Neeku Shamekhi (NS)

User Group


   Metrics-as part of our Chapter paperwork we had to compile metrics for
   our activities. SE and Rebecca calculated the metrics for all of our
   events. The information can be seen here


   Survey-Rebecca made some more changes to the survey. It has gone out to
   the working group for consultation.

   By-Laws-We completed the review of the by-laws. Here are the changes to
   the second half:

      Change ‘in person’ to ‘present’. Define what ‘presen’ means-can be
      virtual vis Hangouts, Skype, ect.

      Article 26-’registered letter’ for notification to be changed to some
      digital format, perhaps on Meta Wiki.

      Article 28-’signed by 1/20th’-some digital format again, perhaps Meta

      Article 33-take out typo ‘or a member or joined a driver’.

      Article 34-change ‘registered office’ to ‘mailing list’.

Once the changes are made the by-laws will be sent out to the working group
for a 1 week review. They will then be sent out on the mailing list for a 3
week consultation period.



   PRONI-JQ is still working on organising an event in PRONI. He has
   Queen’s University Belfast as a backup.

   NUI Galway training event-SF held a training event for NUI Galway staff.
   They registered on Wikipedia and then uploaded images of the campus
   building that they work in to Commons. As a result, 8 new images of NUI
   Galway campus buildings are on Commons.

   JQ suggested a possible 1916 related edit-a-thon. Collins Barracks might
   be a good venue for this is conjunction with the opening of it’s 1916



   SCI:COM15-the grant was approved for this event. SE and EE will attend
   on behalf of the group.

   Malta-Rebecca will give a full report of the conference in Malta at the
   next meeting.



   The top ten images have been selected and forwarded to the international
   competition. The winning images can be viewed here

   The awards ceremony will take place at the Stags Head in Dublin on 9
   November at 6:30pm.

   SE has ordered the prints of the winning images for display during the
   awards ceremony.

   A press release with the winners will go out on Friday morning.

   An update with the contest stats was sent to the DAHG.

Other Events


   No news



   Vicipéid-SE replyed to an email about promoting Vicipéid naming SF and
   Oliver as contacts. SF will keep us updated.

   Education Program-SE and SF will apply to be coordinators this week and
   notify Rebecca when it is complete.

The next meeting will take place on Monday 16 November at 6:30pm in Dublin.
If you would like to attend, either in person or via Google Hangouts,
please send an email to
-- Shannon
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