If I analyse  Marathi language unicode Websites other than Marathi Wikipedia , 
most of them(99%)  are drupal(cms)  based and many of them are quite popular 
community discussion sites.

Many of the readers coming from such sites usualy complaint saying that they 
find our(mediawiki)  brackets (over all  wiki mark up confusing).

What kind of help we can offer at wikis to new comers coming from drupal cms? 
any other indian languages has got similler experiences?   

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Subject: [MarathiOpenSource] Announcement: Drupal Sprint India on October 30-31 
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                  Dear all,

This is a formal announcement of Drupal Sprint India event happening

on October 30-31 2009. An event for those who love Drupal, geeks and

non-geeks alike.

Announcing Drupal Sprint India, a gathering of Drupal enthusiast from

all over India, to contribute to Drupal development.

The event is organized by Pune Linux Users Group with the support of

Bhaskaracharya Pratishthan as Venue Sponsors.

Drupal is probably the best community driven CMS in open source.

Community driven softwares need community contributions for regular

enhancements and this is your chance to contribute and gain karma.

Drupal sprint India is a two day non-stop event where Drupal

developers, documentation and translation guys will get together to

enhance Drupal. We will have code sprints, documentation sprints as

well as translation sprints.

Join coding sprints to fix patches for upcoming Drupal 7 release or to

port modules from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7 or to develop new modules from


Join Documentation sprint to document Drupal. Documentation sprint

will be headed by Addison Berry, Drupal documentation project lead.

Those interested in localization can join the party to translate

Drupal to local languages.

You need not have *any experience* with enhancing Drupal before hand,

even newbies are invited.

That is not all, we have more in store for you.

Got any Drupal success story to share or you have put Drupal to any

innovative use or any magnificent case study where you have integrated

Drupal with third party web services or web sites? This is the time to

showcase this. Parallel to sprint, we will hold talks and workshops to

showcase the capabilities of Drupal beyond CMS to build website. If

you have a story to showcase, register for the event right ahead.

Talks/Workshop registration ends October 15 2009. All talks and

registrations submitted will go through a community voting and top 10

talks plus workshops will be chosen for the event. We plan to hold

total of 8 hours of talks and 8 hours of workshops around Drupal over

two days.

Still interested in Drupal to use it in your next big venture... Just

drop in and learn from the best Drupal brains around the country on

how to put Drupal to best use.

So click   http://drupalindia2 009.plug. org.in   now and register for the 

The event is free, registration is free.  All you have to make sure

that your code is also FREE.

So, what are you waiting for? Mark your calendar for the event dates!!

Best regards,

--Sudhanwa Jogalekar

~!~!~!~!~!~! ~!~!~!~!~ !~!~!~!~! ~!~!~!~!~ !~!~!~!~! ~!~!~!~!~ !~!~!~!~! 
~!~!~!~!~ !~!~!~!~! ~!~!~!~!~ !~!~!~!~! ~!~!

www.projects4studen ts.com

Offer projects. Get your work done. Groom your future employees !!

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~!~!~!~!~ !~!~!~!~! ~!~!~!~!~ !~!~!~!~! ~!~!

www.sudhanwa. com




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