Hello team,

Its great to see that there has been some concrete efforts to establish the
Indian Chapter of Wikimedia Foundation.  After many years of repeated
efforts, its good to see that we are close to fruitition.  There is a strong
team with diverse background and rich involvement in Wikipedia working on
this.  While I was initially part of this effort, I'm no longer involved
with the formation of the foundation. There are times I overran myself in
the assumption that Foundation formation time could happen sooner and
assumed I'd be part of the board and hence a Director (designate) without
realizing the really long gestation period it takes to set up the foudation
or the confusion it would cause. In this regard, I apologise to the entire
Wikipedia India community.

I will continue to be associated with helping out with Wikipedia outreach
and the concept of Open Knowledge on a personal level. This year, I'll help
in organizing Creative Commons Salon (bringing in artists who believe in
open creativity), Wikipedia Academy ( to teach people who interested in
contributing but dont know how) and WikiCamp (an unconference that will aim
to tap into the concept of collective wisdom using wikis, and not just
Wikipedia).  I recently published a book 'Wikipedia : A beginners' Guide'
which is completely on a CC license. I seek help in translating this into
mulitple Indian languages and freely distribute this to school libraries in
towns and villages. Any help in this regard would be highly welcome.  All
these activies are done as a volunteer without assuming any formal positions
and look forward to contributing actively.  I can be reached at 98415 97744
and at kir...@kiruba.com.  Thanks in advance.


Kiruba Shankar
Cell: +91-0-98415 97744
Email: kir...@kiruba.com
Personal Blog: http://Kiruba.com
Twitter: http://twitter.com/kiruba
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