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> Samuel,
> As a Vandalism reverter on the English Wikipedia, let me inform you that,
> when a person posts nonsense, EVEN if it is useful, but has a problem, like
> lacking sources OR, grammatical nonsense. IT still gets reverted, the guy
> gets a warning, he comes back, revert plus warn again and ultimately, he
> gets the boot. It happens quite often. I've done it rarely, because the

This is a set of aggressive policies developed over time by a large
wiki.  In the early days of English WP, when it was the size that
Tamil WP is now, this was certainly not the case for well-meaning

I do not know that the current en:wp policies represent best practices
-- the research from the strategy project suggests that they are
limiting growth and editor retention -- and in particular smaller
wikis may have other needs and priorities.

Of course ta:wp is welcome to adopt any policies that you wish, but I
would not advise doing so simply because the English Wikipedia does.


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