Hi Samuel,

I'm an inclusionist myself and most editors in Tamil Wiki are either 
inclusionists are mergists. A few have concerns that a random sampler might get 
a mistaken impression about Tamil Wiki, which is one of the most well-written 
collaborative websites in Tamil language. As far as these articles are 
concerned, there's bipartisan support for the view that the quality has to 

As a last resort, we've proposed an observation period in yesterday's call with 
the Google team. We do understand that they mean well for the Wiki, but have a 
feeling that the constraints imposed by the modus operandi make it not work for 
us. In yesterday's call, we've conveyed the Tamil Wiki consensus to the Google 
team and they've agreed to encourage their translators to engage like regular 
users. We hope that things will improve if that is followed in spirit.

- Sundar

 "That language is an instrument of human reason, and not merely a medium for 
the expression of thought, is a truth generally admitted."
- George Boole, quoted in Iverson's Turing Award Lecture

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> Hello Srikanth,

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> Samuel,
> As a Vandalism reverter on the English Wikipedia, let me inform 
> you that,
> when a person posts nonsense, EVEN if it is useful, but has a 
> problem, like
> lacking sources OR, grammatical nonsense. IT still gets 
> reverted, the guy
> gets a warning, he comes back, revert plus warn again 
> and ultimately, he
> gets the boot. It happens quite often. I've done it 
> rarely, because the

This is a set of aggressive policies developed over 
> time by a large
wiki.  In the early days of English WP, when it was the 
> size that
Tamil WP is now, this was certainly not the case for 
> well-meaning

I do not know that the current en:wp 
> policies represent best practices
-- the research from the strategy project 
> suggests that they are
limiting growth and editor retention -- and in 
> particular smaller
wikis may have other needs and priorities.

> course ta:wp is welcome to adopt any policies that you wish, but I
would not 
> advise doing so simply because the English Wikipedia 
> does.


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