Veeven added the translation for the last language that OmegaWiki knows the
translation for Telugu for. As a consequence, there are now many, many
concepts that show most languages in Telugu. Because of the work done in
translatewiki.net, OmegaWiki shows practically everything in Telugu.

As more translations for concepts become available, OmegaWiki becomes useful
as a translation resource. A good example is the combination English Spanish
Dutch German.. The important thing is that the user interface can be in
Hindi, Kannada, Telugu or <your language>. Not only translations are
included, you will also find annotations like the Wikipedia article in a
language, the country a language is spoken in or the script for that

Have a look and learn that for most languages there is already something.
When there is not, at OmegaWiki we are happy to include your language.

Yes, we use MediaWiki and yes, it could be/ have been a WMF project.

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