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On Fri, Dec 17, 2010 at 11:36, BalaSundaraRaman <> wrote:
> Excuse me if you've tried this already, but check whether the encoding is not
> Western or something. UTF-8 or, in the case of many sites, user-defined 
> encoding
> works just fine. Please check
> for more info.

I didn't get what you said .

Shouldn't it be UTF-8 rather than Western ?

It is set to UTF-8 .

> I'm not on Windows now, and hence, unable to go through the above process.

That's not the point. Neither am I most of the time, Its just that if
we need to have some more people on regional language wikipedias there
should be an easy way to do that.

If somebody like me who has little idea about things to try and does
stuff, has to go through hoops in order to get it right , then normal
(read people who have no idea or interest in tweaking or trying out
things) are simply left in the cold.

I am going to be trying now on GNU/Linux as well as I did see some
inconsistencies on my system as well. The Windows system will be with
me overnight so if any more experiments have to be done, can be done
as well.

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