Dear Wikimedians,

It's a pleasure to inform you all that Liam
Wyatt<>will be visiting India between 12th
and 19th Feb to focus on
GLAM <>related
initiatives here.

Liam's visit to India is intended to support wikimedia communities to
explore the possibilities of collaborating with Galleries, Libraries,
Archives and Museums (GLAM) in strengthening articles on wikipedia of mutual

Liam recently became a Wikimedia Fellow -
  Liam was the wikipedian in
the British Museum last year. Liam has been focussed on GLAM and was
the convener of the GLAM-WIKI
<>event held in Australia in

It is great to have Liam visiting us. He will be visiting Delhi, Mumbai and
Bangalore. We hope to make the most of Liam's visit to create more awareness
for GLAM amongst wikipedians and connect with GLAM stakeholders wherever

Liam will also be speaking at the
ICLAM<>conference on the

For coordinating events during his visit, I  have create a GLAM project page
on the India wiki, to help us all get started:
There are city specific pages, each of which has a planning page.

We look forward to all your support and active participation to organize
events and meeting in various cities. Wikipedians are requested to join the
discussions in the  planning pages for each city.  .


Bangalore, India
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