To add to it:

The lede of the Act is "An Act to prevent the improper use of certain
emblems and names for professional and commercial purposes" which is
not the case here.

> Section 3.
> Rule 8.

Do not apply because of it relates to "", business, certain
calling or profession, or in the title of any patent, or in any trade
mark or design" which we are not.

> (5) The authorship, production, publication, exhibition or transmission by
> any medium for academic, artistic, biographical, cultural, educational,
> scientific or spiritual purposes with the previous permission of the Central
> Government and subject to such conditions as the Central Government may lay
> down while granting such permission.

Very conveniently leaves out what precedes it namely:

8. Use of emblems and names contained in the Schedule ?No person shall
use or continue to use, for the purpose of any trade, business,
calling or profession, or in the title of any patent, or any trademark
or design, any name or emblem specified in the Schedule or any
colourable imitation thereof without the previous permission of the
Central Government or of such officer of the Government as may be
authorized in this behalf by the Central Government except in the
following cases namely:-

Which we are not.

> 3.The Indian National Flag.

Not relevant.

> 16.The names ?Ashoka Chakra? or ?Dharma Chakra? or the pictorial
> representation of Ashoka Chakra as used in the Indian National Flag or in
> the official seal or emblem of the Government of India or of any State
> Government or of a Department of any such Government.

Not quite relevant.

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