Thanks very much, we were waiting for it for a long time.

Not only Sanskrit scholars but other Indic language speakers whose script is
Devanagari (like Hindi) can contribute to Sanskrit wikisource.

2011/3/22 Shiju Alex <>

> Dear All,
> Few wikimedians who understood the importance of wiki source project is
> giving proper care to it. From Indic Wikis, I can show you the example of
> Bengali wikisource. According to me, both the wiktionary and wikisource
> projects are very important for any language which has online presence.
> For a language like Sanskrit (which is a classical language),wikisource is
> very much relevant and important projects. Perhaps it might have more number
> of source texts (which are in public domain) than most of the Indian
> languages.
> A request for Sanskrit wikisource is logged on 2010 October 
> 04<>.
> The request was approved by the language committee on 2010 November 04, and
> finally the wiki is created on *2011 March 18* <>.
> It is available here:
> Most of the text from Old Wikisource <> is already
> migrated to this new wikisource <>. A cleanup is
> required in the wiki. I request Sanskrit wiki community to take of your wiki
> project.
> Thanks
> Shiju Alex
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