What a great opportunity! Thanks for spear-heading, Hisham. Some notes
below, which I'd love thoughts on:

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> I understand that  Wikipedia for Schools <http://schools-wikipedia.org/> is
> readying for release sometime in July 2011 - and the timing couldn't be
> better.

July 2011 was the most recent update we heard from User:BozMo, who is the
lead for SOS Children's Wikipedia for Schools (WPFS) project. It would be
great to get an update from him on this timing!

The list of current articles can be seen here:
The primary changes in the version pending release in July 2011 will be
newer revisions of these articles.

> *Can you help us out with *
> *a) how you could help on adding the additional articles that this
> initiative would require?**   (You could also sign up on the **Volunteer
> Page* <http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Offline_Projects/Volunteer_Page>*)*

WPFS is geared to match the UK curriculum, which is very useful but
undeniably lacking in its coverage of other geographically important topics,
such as history & geography of India.

To that end, if we had a list of ~200 additional articles which *should* be
included in an educational encyclopedia for India, we can add these to the
updated version of WPFS. Kenya is also doing a similar thing (they are
recording their list on the offline projects pages of

Would anyone be interested in spear-heading this for India-specific content?
*I have some ideas for how this could be facilitated (namely, by leveraging
the work done by the Wikipedia 1.0 team and the India WikiProject [1], so
reach out to me directly!!

[[1] Toolserver:

*Jessie Wild
Global Development, Manager
Wikimedia Foundation
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