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> Happy to be a part of First Wiki Academy. Thanks to Arjun for pulling me in
> and look forward for more such activities.
>  It was really interesting to see librarians looking at wikipedia. Many
> asked questions on relevance of data, accuracy, authenticity of data and
> more.
> Observation:-
> All government employees here in Karnataka use Nudi in their offices and it
> was little difficult for them to get used to phonetic transliteration
> keyboard attached to Kannada wiki.
> Is there any provision to add multiple key layouts (itrans/KGP/inscript) to
> wikipedia for each language? If yes, how. Any pointers or hacks would be
> very much appreciated.
> I must appreciate Shiva prakash for making time for this, despite a woking
day and delivering  Kannada Wikipedia demo.

Regarding Key layouts, if you are meaning support at the OS level, it is
easy in Linux as all  these are supported ibus with m17n. For the Windows
platform that is more common, Inscript has been setup on the machines in the
lab. As practising with transliteration is easier to start, we focussed on
that.  We should cover other keyboard methods in future events

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