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> There are technical ways to push messages to the popular proprietary social
> media like facebook and twitter.  Therefore you do not loose anyone, but at
> the same time we can also push a message about free social media, which is
> in the larger interest of free knowledge community.

Agree with you that tecnical solutions exist, but then we are not the only
one to use "proprietary social media". So its not bad using it. Everyone
uses it, be it Jimmy or events like Wikimania. The primary intent is to
reach out and in a simple way. Well as i mentioned before, If you want help
out spreading the word by using free media, you are more than welcome.

Lets not also get paranoid about Free stuff, which case the conference needs
to have a hotel which only uses Free stuff (right from bubble top
water,everything is proprietary)  and so on. Lets get real, while we support
free culture, we need not always be living for it.

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