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> hi,
> Warning: This is a loooonggg email.
> We held our first WikiAcademy in Mumbai on October 1, 2011 at the Center
> for Education and Documentation, Colaba. The session was attended by 24
> attendees. Roughly, the sessions were:--cut--
Thanks for the update. Glad to see a good turnout

> . This we did, only to realise the limitation existed on creation of not
> more than 6 accounts per IP address.
Next time, perhaps making an upfront request to allow more account creations
> from a single IP address before the Academy might be a wise thing to do. Any
> other suggestions?
> I too faced difficulties some times. Anonmous editing usually worked,
unless the IP itself is blocked. Sometimes while English wiki had access
problems, Kannada wiki was accessible for edits.  Do you know whom to
request for this?

One solution I think is to setup/use a test wiki, with out constraints for
people to practice and then manage it by probably deleting  the content

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