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> And I think part of it is how we choose to see it and who/what we choose to
> hear - if I choose to see Tory's piece as dominant because it was
> commissioned by the Foundation, then that determines how much power I give
> it. If I decide it is an interesting chronicle of a moment in time, then it
> becomes 'a' version, not 'the' version.

Two ways to look at this. One is from within the Community and one is
from outside. For the former, we know of the existence of multiple
narratives and this forms part of our organic history. For those
outside and looking in, the source of this narrative and that it is
the only easily discoverable one weight it accordingly.

> Also: want to second Hisham in suggesting that people add their comments on
> Tory's piece, since that too is the intention.


And this isn't meat to take anything away from Tory's work - which I
think is well researched, well written and fairly presented.

Thank you.



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