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> On 9 October 2011 21:57, Bishakha Datta <bishakhada...@gmail.com> wrote:
> > I think Tory did a great job and had her finger on the pulse
> I mostly agree with you, Bishakha.

Agree, It was a quite an elaborate one.

>  > So I think one good way forward in general - and this doesn't hold only
> for
> > wikipedia, but for history making in general - is for others to start
> > documenting and writing histories too. Either of individual indic
> language
> > wikipedias, or alternate views of the same thing.
> This is pretty much what I was referring to. That if there are
> individuals, groups or communities who feel this is not representative
> of their view, then please document your narrative. Else, it'll be
> lost and this is the only and dominant narrative we will have to rely
> upon.

I would treat her history just like a "Wikipedia page" having bunch of
references.Gone are the days when people relied on one document to get
narrative and am not sure if it would be worthier effort to keep documenting
"open communities" which document itself periodically. Like we have the list
archives, village pumps, millions of other publically crawl-able pages on
internet that anyone who wants to know can always dig and get more. Wait for
few more years, you will have history.li like paper.li which can digest and
create personal accounts of history on subjects intelligently, automatically
given the public sources.

I hope we dont need Oral citations for this "page" ;) ;) , What say Aachal?

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