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> Dear all,
> As requested at the Wikimedia Hackathon in Mumbai last weekend by
> Srikanth, and also in bug 32619[1], *Narayam* was just *enabled* on *Wikimedia
> Commons*. I hope you find it useful.

Thank you!! :) It will be put to good use lot of Indic wiki users who are
regular to commons.

> During the hackathon we had a lot of help in adding more key mappings to
> Narayam[2], and we are right now at the Red Hat offices in Pune working
> together with their localisation team for Indic languages to verify and get
> feedback for more Indic languages. The recent work may be deployed next
> Monday (28/11), but it could also be delayed a week. The complete Wikimedia
> Localisation team is travelling home this weekend, and we haven't reviewed
> all the code yet, hence the possible delay.

Am particularly excited on the "*On screen keyboard*"[1] done by Abhijeet
Pathak which will be of great help. Some UI changes / testing may be
needed, but on-screen keyboard will be amazing especially for people who
are new to the typing even phonetically.

> Another *exciting feature* we are planning on deploying and enabling on
> many Indic language projects to increase accessibility, and that we would
> like to have your feedback[3] on is *WebFonts*[4]. Many languages do not
> have proper fonts easily available to users. This may be because the
> operating systems do not ship these fonts, the script has fonts but users
> don't know from where they will get them from or how to install them in
> their system. Another reason is because the user is reading the wiki from a
> shared computer without these fonts. Sometimes it may be because the user
> does not know how to configure the operating system for a language or the
> user does not have enough permissions to do this. Because of all these
> reasons, providing the content in certain languages is problematic.
> WebFonts sends the fonts with the data and therefore we expect that
> everybody can see the text correctly.

Webfonts is great thing in technology and its great that wikimedia wikis
are geared to use it, thanks to the i18n team. I know a lot of font testing
was done at hackathon, but before deploying webfonts, we must ensure that
the selected fonts are usable / bug-free on all the languages. As for
Tamil, until the Lohit-Tamil hinting issue is resolved / better free fonts
emerge out, please do not deploy Webfonts for Tamil wiki projects since it
affects readability to everyone and as decided and agreed there wont be any
preferences. I would suggest all communities which plan to use Webfonts, do
proper font-testing since its very important and iron out all the bugs
before launch for a smooth experience.


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