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I just saw that Indian editor Karthik Nadar is in the banners today,
with a beautiful appeal. Go, India!



Here's the text:

From Wikipedia author Karthik Nadar

On the day a terrorist attack ripped through the heart of my city,
Wikipedia changed my life.

The 2011 bombings in Mumbai made international headlines, but at the
moment the crisis struck, there was no straightforward information
about what had happened.

I knew I couldn’t be the only one looking for answers. So I went out
to take photos, uploaded a map I pasted together, and made sure the
Wikipedia article on the incident would help people make sense of the

Since then, I’ve made thousands of edits to Wikipedia articles. My
experience that day on Wikipedia made my passion for photojournalism
clear, and I’ve followed that path ever since.

I felt so grateful for Wikipedia, and when I learned how it stays
online, I donated 250 rupees to do my part. Will you make a donation
to keep this valuable resource available around the world?

Wikipedia enables us to share the world. With 470 million different
visitors every month, it’s revolutionized the way we consume and
spread information -- sometimes even down to the moment it happens.

And it does it all for free -- with zero ads, under 1,000 servers and
fewer than 100 staff.

That’s amazing. Just look at Google or Facebook. They have hundreds of
thousands of servers and tens of thousands of staff.

It’s no wonder Wikipedia is the 5th most popular and most visited site
online. And it’s also no wonder why they need support every year from
people like me and you.

Will you pitch in $5, $20, $50 or whatever you think Wikipedia is worth to you?


Karthik Nadar
Wikipedia author


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Wikimedia Foundation

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