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> Hi all,
> Just as we started the Tamil Wiki Media Contest[1], we have realized the
> power of social media[2] and virality. In an attempt to increase page views
> even by single digits and having more visibility for content pages, I was
> looking around and found the share gadget on Hebrew wikipedia and have
> adapted the gadget code[3] to Tamil[4]. Since Indic wikipedias need more
> people to read the articles, this might be useful gadget you might want to
> your Indic wikiprojects. Should you need any help to get this on your wiki,
> please ping me off-list.
> Thanks Hebrew community for the code & Bala/Surya for helping out.
> Okay, next time you read a good article on Tamil Wikipedia, just share
> with your friends :)
> [1] http://ta.wikipedia.org/wiki/Contest
> [2] http://www.facebook.com/tawmc
> [3] http://tawp.in/r/2v3x
> [4] http://tawp.in/r/2v42
Nice idea. Other indic wikipedias could leverage the same.

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