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On Mon, Dec 12, 2011 at 8:09 PM, Gerard Meijssen

> Hoi,
> The Wikimedia Localisation team has been very much active in this field
> and we have implemented the inscript one standard as well as other existing
> keyboard methods. We have met with CDAC and Red Hat about our current
> Narayam implementations and our and their future plans. Our notion is that
>  using standard compliant and freely licensed technology is the way forward.
> Thanks for the update.

> On our road map there are the unknowns of how to support smart phones,
> tablet computers, not only for the official languages of India but for all
> of them including scripts ..
> We are very happy to participate in any project that has as its goal to
> create standardised input methods for any kind of device. We can provide an
> environment for testing; we can support experimental keyboard methods side
> by side at translatewiki.net. When things become stable, we are quite
> happy to expose the world to new standards on the WMF wikis.
> Is this the kind of support that would help you ?

Certainly! It will be a great opportunity to  come up with virtual keyboard
as required for each language with  participation of the relevant users.
Active indic language wikipedians can play a key role in this initiative.

The proposed mode of standard development is open for participation by
every one. Though for the final balloting and to decide on any
alternatives, IEEE-SA membership will be needed, which again is being
offered at reduced rates for Indians.  The official Work Group will be
kick off in January.  I request interested people to subscribe to the  mailing
list of the 

Arjuna Rao Chavala
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