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From: Tomasz Finc <>
Date: Mon, Dec 19, 2011 at 1:58 PM
Subject: [Wikitech-l] Please Welcome Yuvaraj Pandian & Max Semink
To:, Wikimedia developers

Greetings all,

The Mobile and Special Projects department is pleased to announce the
addition of two new contractors to the team: Yuvaraj Pandian and Max

Yuvaraj Pandian or Yuvi as we gotten to know him was one of our 2011
Google Summer of Code students. During GSoC he worked with Arthur
Richards on porting the Wikipedia 1.0 bot to a PHP extension named
Selection Sifter. This was in important offline project as it allowed
us to better support and extend our offline tool chains. Previous to
this he had been active in the community where users
@logic and @planemad motivated him to come on and help the Wikimedia
community. One of his early Wikimedia project memories includes the
tawiki community discussing the ShortUrl extension. He found the
entire channel so lively and helpful that he applied for GSoC.

Yuvi will be working for us remotely while on a six month sabbatical
from KCG College of Technology, India. He'll be extending the Android
app, enhancing MobileFrontend, and working with our various offline
efforts to further the reach of the projects. You can find him on irc
under the nick 'yuviapanda' .

Max Semink has been an active MediaWiki contributor since 2009. He's
recently been most involved in developing the API Sandbox for
MediaWiki. An extension that allows any user to easily create complex
API queries through a visual interface. When not hacking on MediaWiki,
Max has been busy developing C++ software for embedded systems in the
railroad industry. While train switching has captured the majority of
his recent developer cycles, he's super eager to change direction and
focus his full time efforts on MediaWiki.

Max will be continuing his interest in the API by helping us improve
and extend its use within mobile. He'll be adding a proper API to
MobileFrontend, extending support for GPS, and in general moving the
API forward for our mobile clients. Max will be working for us
remotely and can be found under the nick 'MaxSem' .

It's great to be able to see two active community members be able to
join us full time.

Please join me in (re)-welcoming Yuvi and Max!


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