Wow congratulations Yuvi and Max, many more things to come from you guys :)


On 19 December 2011 14:02, Santhosh Thottingal <> wrote:

> Congrats Yuvaraj Pandian!
> -santhosh
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> Date: Mon, Dec 19, 2011 at 1:58 PM
> Subject: [Wikitech-l] Please Welcome Yuvaraj Pandian & Max Semink
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> Greetings all,
> The Mobile and Special Projects department is pleased to announce the
> addition of two new contractors to the team: Yuvaraj Pandian and Max
> Seminik.
> Yuvaraj Pandian or Yuvi as we gotten to know him was one of our 2011
> Google Summer of Code students. During GSoC he worked with Arthur
> Richards on porting the Wikipedia 1.0 bot to a PHP extension named
> Selection Sifter. This was in important offline project as it allowed
> us to better support and extend our offline tool chains. Previous to
> this he had been active in the community where users
> @logic and @planemad motivated him to come on and help the Wikimedia
> community. One of his early Wikimedia project memories includes the
> tawiki community discussing the ShortUrl extension. He found the
> entire channel so lively and helpful that he applied for GSoC.
> Yuvi will be working for us remotely while on a six month sabbatical
> from KCG College of Technology, India. He'll be extending the Android
> app, enhancing MobileFrontend, and working with our various offline
> efforts to further the reach of the projects. You can find him on irc
> under the nick 'yuviapanda' .
> Max Semink has been an active MediaWiki contributor since 2009. He's
> recently been most involved in developing the API Sandbox for
> MediaWiki. An extension that allows any user to easily create complex
> API queries through a visual interface. When not hacking on MediaWiki,
> Max has been busy developing C++ software for embedded systems in the
> railroad industry. While train switching has captured the majority of
> his recent developer cycles, he's super eager to change direction and
> focus his full time efforts on MediaWiki.
> Max will be continuing his interest in the API by helping us improve
> and extend its use within mobile. He'll be adding a proper API to
> MobileFrontend, extending support for GPS, and in general moving the
> API forward for our mobile clients. Max will be working for us
> remotely and can be found under the nick 'MaxSem' .
> It's great to be able to see two active community members be able to
> join us full time.
> Please join me in (re)-welcoming Yuvi and Max!
> --tomasz
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