Dear All,

On behalf the Gujarati community, I wanted to share a nice update.  On 22nd
April, Gujarati Wikisource reached a major milestone with the completion
of " સત્યના પ્રયોગો અથવા
(Saty Naa Prayogo Athavaa Aatmakathaa)  It is the Autobiography of Mahatma
Gandhi (The story of my experiments with
 This book has 454 pages in 169 chapters in 5 sections.

The work to digitize this book was started less than 1 month before.

The following Gujarati wiki librarians contributed to this project.

   1. સુશાંત સાવલા (Sushant Savla)
   2. ધવલ વ્યાસ (Dhaval Vyas)
   3. vyom25 (Vyom)
   4. સતિષ પટેલ (Satish Chandra)
   5. જેઠાભાઇ ઓડેદરા (Jethabhai Odedara)
   6. અશોક મોઢવાડીયા (Ashok Modhavadia - Captain)
   7. jaishree
   8. Roopal Mehta
   9. સંજય બાલોતિયા (Sanjay Balotia)
   10. જીતેન્દ્રસિંહ (Jinedrasinh)
   11. નિલેશ બંધીયા (Nilesha Bandhia)
   12. Findjigar
   13. દેવેન્દ્રસિંહ ગોહિલ (Devendrasinh Gohil)

To me, this is actually the biggest part of this story!  *13
wikilibrarians*from all over the world collaborated on this! That is
amazing for
a relatively new community.

I would like to acknowledge the contributions of Ashok Modhavadia from
Junagadh for managing the project, and for Sushant Savla and Dhaval Vyas
for being inspirations behind it.  Incidentally, Ashok managed the scanning
of all the pages, the allotment of chapters, and all other aspects of
project management.

For anyone interested in how to manage a Wikisource initiative, do look at
the discussions on this page


Digitization of the next book will be managed by Vyom.

There is an lovely quote I will close this mail with:  આજ આનંદ મારા આંગણે
રે લોલ! (Aaj aanand maara aangane re lol!) which means "Today is a joyous
day for us!"
Congratulations to the Gujarati community.

Wishing Gujarati wiki community all the best.

Warmest Regards,

Shiju Alex
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