It was great to work with you. Thanx a lot for your support to the Assamese 
Wikipedia Community. 

Wish you a bright future ahead.....

Goodbye Hisham 


Jyoti Prakash Nath

> From: Hisham <>
>To: Wikimedia India Community list <> 
>Sent: Monday, 30 July 2012 4:11 PM
>Subject: [Wikimediaindia-l] Farewell
>Dear India Community
>I'm writing to inform you that I plan to leave my current role supporting 
>Wikimedia in India.  I am going to be exploring opportunities and evaluating 
>options that are closer to my career aspirations and my personal 
>circumstances.  I will be working through to ensure that there is a smooth 
>transition - and this is likely to take 2-3 months.  I am writing now because 
>I felt it appropriate and opportune to inform you as early as possible. 
>I want to start off by thanking the Wikimedia community and movement for 
>giving me this extraordinary opportunity.  Working on something like India 
>Program has been something that has been professionally enriching and 
>personally fulfilling. Over the past 1 1/2 years, I have been supported by so 
>many of you - and I want to thank you for everything you have done!  The 
>passion and intellectual firepower of our community has been my constant 
>source of drive and guidance.  There are so many examples of powerful stories 
>from all over the country: the incredible efforts put in by the IEP Campus 
>Ambassadors in Pune; the army of volunteers that drove the outreach push 
>across the country in the first few months of this year; the beautiful stories 
>of fantastic community initiatives from far and wide across the country and 
>sub-continent, and indeed the world; the remarkable stories from so many 
>communities - large, small and tiny ones!
>I want to thank the team that I have had the pleasure and privilege of working 
>with - Nitika, Noopur, Shiju & Subha.  You guys have been wonderful.  The work 
>that we are doing is experimental and we have been innovating every day, and I 
>know the circumstances have not always been easy.  Take strength and 
>inspiration from the large number of community members who have been touched 
>by you and appreciate your efforts and value your work.
>I will send an actual "over and out" message later.  In the meantime, I will 
>continue to work on everything that needs working on.
>Happy Editing!
>Warmest Regards,
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