Hi Yohann,

Same is the situation with me!
I wanted to know the status of my application too!!
Actually I got a mail saying that my old membership no. is missing so we are
unable to process the form.
Given the situation that I'm a new member and did applied for the fresh
membership which was duly mentioned in the form.

We would be glad if anyone can help us over this and not by someone who is
callow enough to say "The India mailing list isn't exactly a place to ask
such questions as it'd be a privacy violation".

Besides, new question arises "privacy violation" of what? and how??
and if we are considering "privacy violation" of the membership status or
the process of the membership enrollment, its not some sort of a
confidential thing! Ain't it??

Regards & Thanks, 

Niraj N. Suryawanshi
Pune Institute of Computer Technology | Wikipedia Club Pune
+91 814 992 0120 | niraj.suryawan...@gmail.com
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