We just concluded a week long Tamil Wikipedia outreach in Srilanka.

April 25 - Seminar on free content, creative commons and Tamil Wikipedia
organized by Noolaham foundation (meaning the Library foundation that works
for documenting Srilankan Tamil knowledge resoureces), Colombo. Students
from the Engineering faculty of Moratuwa University participated. The
discussion was also slightly off-beat as we discussed how transparency and
community building is done in Tamil Wikipedia and how it could be applied
to similar non-profit and volunteer based projects. Details and pictures at

April 26 - Tamil Wikipedia introduction at National Arts and Literature
front, Colombo. Details and pictures at http://ta.wikipedia.org/s/2qdq

April 29 - Tamil Wikipedia introduction for students of Jaffna University's
campus at Vavuniya city. Details and pictures at
http://ta.wikipedia.org/s/2rk9 .

Besides this, few of us also participated in the Tamil Documentation
conference held during April 27, 28 and spread the news about Tamil
Wikipedia projects among the various scholars who came for the conference.

An informal discussion was also held with the members of Noolaham
foundation on ways to colloborate.

A huge share of contributions to Tamil Wikipedia comes from Tamils in
Srilanka and their diaspora. In this context, I find these meetings
important and hope to see increased activity from this region in the

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