Thanks a lot for this Shyamal, this really helps out and will be
instrumental in getting Institutional partnerships.

On Sun, Aug 11, 2013 at 7:46 PM, L. Shyamal <> wrote:

> Just to take off on Ashwin's suggestion. IISc which as an organization was
> the first in the country to have an Intranet and Internet long before most
> others had heard of email has perhaps done reasonably well with Wikipedia
> contribution even if it has been in a small and quiet way with editors here
> and there. For a while I tried to keep an eye on the key science orgs in
> Bangalore and their contributions (unfortunately I could only work on the
> anonymous IP edits) and it was quite clear that there was no inability to
> contribute on the technical front. I suspect however that few really
> contributed in a substantial way - although I know of exceptions, like
> User:ABhadra (a student of Prof R. Gadagkar who produced a fairly
> substantial review of Ropalidia marginata, their research subject). These
> institutional IPs however change but I think it is quite interesting to see
> how the edits relate or not relate to their academic interests.
> Surprisingly even within these academic islands, there is a lot of
> parochial and self-identity related contributions - things to do with caste
> for instance. Perhaps someone could consider a project with the WMF to
> analyze (properly anonymized) data on edits from within Indian academia to
> make a more meaningful survey of our potential "expert" editors. For a
> taste of how these edits can look like you can see an old set of IPs and
> their contributions
> best wishes
> Shyamal
>> ------------------------------
>> Date: Sun, 11 Aug 2013 12:25:42 +0530
>> From: Ashwin Baindur
>> Hi Tejaswini,
>> perhaps its time for a pilot with a more receptive organisation in
>> Bangalore? Which organisation is your professor in? IISc?
>> Ashwin
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