Hi Karthik,

On 23 August 2013 09:59, Karthik Nadar <karthik...@wikimedia.in> wrote:

> Hello Vishnu,
> if you feel CIS-A2K can help with any of the above, or even with anything
> more than that, you are always welcome.

CIS-A2K could chip in with these.

> * Designing flyers (Please send the designs; let know the nos and other
specifics. PM please)
> * Spreading the word through media and blogs (Could you PM the Press
Release note or any other communication material. Do we have a twitter
> * Find some sponsors and partners (What is the exact requirement?)

> At the end of the day, the contest does not belongs to Wikimedia India or
> A2K, it belongs to the Wikimedia Community.

Not sure why you said this, but could not agree any more :)

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