I have added all the subjects of the book Lilavati's daughters to its
Wikidata item [1]. This makes it the perfect place to coordinate
information about all of them.

The things that you can do:

   - add labels for them in your language
   - make statements about them like their date of birth
   - or their alma mater
   - or awards they received
   - or whatever you think is relevant

Many of these fine ladies do not yet have an article in any language that I
am aware of. When there is an article in any language, you can add it
however to the items that are already there. When YOUR language is not
represented in Wikidata and, when it does have an ISO-639-3 code, we are
really happy to give you the opportunity to add information in YOUR
language as well.

PS there is a Wikipedia article in several Indian languages (not in
English) you get to all the subjects of the book (these fine Indian lady
scientists) by clicking on the "data item" in the side bar.


[1] https://www.wikidata.org/wiki/Q14948432

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