In my opinion, it is very important for any community to keep itself
updated with the technical
advancements that could help the community. BetaFeatures is an amazing
tool. I had attended
it's IRC introductory meeting and even the senior members of several
communities agree that
this would be a very economical way of testing new features. I also think
that the Indian Wikimedia
community should not be an absolutely Indian list, it needs some
interaction with the global
community as well. Only developers are mostly subscribed to technical
mailing list and very important
advancements are posted to regional lists. It would be really much better
if we applaud the effort
put by Pavanaja, instead of accusing him of spamming which he did not
commit. I don't think
condemning every action, even the ones done in *good faith *need to be
criticised so much that
people stop acting altogether. No developer wants to volunteer for a
community that doesn't value
his time and appreciate the effort they put.

Thank You,

On Thu, Nov 14, 2013 at 9:43 PM, ansuman <> wrote:

> Yes it's definitely relevant, but few of us missing the point.
> There are better and easier ways of getting such updates:
> 1. Blog posts (also available via Twitter/Wikimediablog):
> 2. Wikimedia-l:
> 3. Multimedia:
> This mailing list particularly started for such multimedia updates, see:
> Enjoy!
> 4. It may get highlighted at Wikimedia Highlights (monthly):
>; Users can
> subscribe to receive at their desired user page(s) here,
> This also published at wikimediaannounce-l
> Such updates enabled at particular sites also get published there, in
> this case at Meta, MediaWiki and Commons, e.g. here at
> .
> So I'm not sure, how many depends on this mailing list, folks who want
> such technical updates can easily avail these above means.
> However such updates related to India would be fine to get re-posted here.
> Finally let me mention something important: I don't know from where
> the post was copied, but it's sad and disappointing that an A2K
> employee doesn't know about attribution.
> Thanks,
> Ansuman
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