Hi all,

 The Featured Wikimedian for January 2014 is Anirvan
Shukla<https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:Anir1uph>from English
Wikipedia. His profile can be viewed here :

Anirvan was nominated by Srikar
Kashyap<https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:Strike_Eagle>(User: Strike
Eagle) for the Featured Wikimedian status. If you know an
active Wikimedian who you think is eligible to be featured, please share
their username with me. I will take a short interview from them and get
their profile featured.

Apologies for the delay in updating this month's profile. I've been very
busy these days and I am finding it hard to update the featured profile
during the start of the month. Now on, I am planning to update the profiles
between day 10 and day 20 of every month, so that I can spend the first
week of the month fighting real-life deadlines :-)


Netha Hussain
Student of Medicine and Surgery
Govt. Medical College, Kozhikode
Blogs :
*nethahussain.blogspot.com <http://nethahussain.blogspot.com>
swethaambari.wordpress.com <http://swethaambari.wordpress.com>*
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