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'''Questions for CIS-A2K'''

4. How do you attribute or separate the performance of CIS-A2K from the organic efforts and the growth of the community?

5. What is the (subtle) pressure, if any, on the community to achieve the expected results? The plan is quite ambitious but looks completely top down in approach. Do you expect the community to be burnt out?

Hi Ravi, as always appreciate your active engagement with CIS-A2K's work. Responses below. * The methodology we follow to assess our impact is a year on year tracking of various metrics for a particular focus language area. We have discussed this in detail in all the 4 language plans that we propose to continue to work from last year. For instance, see the discussion on impact on Telugu language projects here[1]. Also see our quarterly reports, for instance this[2]. We have also set out SMART goals, wherever possible, for the Stand-alone Wikimedia Projects[3], Community Strengthening Initiatives [4], etc, which will be independently tracked. Would be nice to get suggestions on how we could do this in a better way. * It is difficult to give a simple and direct answer to the question about pressure and burn-out, as the experiences change from community to community and also within the community. For instance, some Wikimedians within a language community were concerned when an activity was not successful and get more involved and bothered, whereas some are ok and some just move on after doing whatever they can and so on. We have been following the strategy of focus language area interventions for exactly a year now and have not experienced a community level burn-out, which could be a rare possibility. Even while doing off-wiki activities like community events, outreach, etc. we try to ensure that the CIS-A2K does majority of the leg work and conserves the volunteer time for more productive purposes. : We are cautiously ambitious about the plans. There were many more ideas that were thrown at us, which we could not accommodate. For instance, one of the Urdu Wikipedia admins wrote to us asking to take up the development of Urdu Wikipedia project by growing the community in India, we have requests from institutions to partner with us for Wikimedia work that we are unable to honour currently, etc. : Top-down approach: Could you please say more about the top-down approach, probably citing some examples from any one of 21 plans? Thanks!


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