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> Anyone seen or know of this?
> Found it by accident from this article:
> http://discover.isif.asia/2014/02/will-india-succeed-where-wikipedia-has-failed/
> Wondering what it means for these language wikipedias - is there an
> opportunity for collaboration?

I had known from its early days when it was called *India development
gateway* and also interacted with them for potential collaboration.  Indian
language Wikipedias are certainly better off in terms of page views as can
be seen from my analysis given below done in 2012.

In March  2010, unique visitor count was  2630. It increased to 4460 by Mar
2011. For all 8 languages put together average daily page views are
13350. For Telugu wikipedia alone, daily page views are 80000 as on July
2012. Please note the time periods are based on the data available and are
not exactly comparable, but they indicate rough status.


1. CDAC annual report  2010-11, page 47
2. Telugu Wikipedia page views as observed on July 2, 2012 for the period
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