I Completely agree with you, Vikram. And due respects to your words and to
the forum!

Even before your mail, I had already decided not to reply anymore or
languish within this thread, unnecessary and quite out of place. My earlier
responses were only to clarify on the points raised which were addressed,
by name, to me.

Signing off on this,

On Sat, Sep 13, 2014 at 12:32 PM, Vikram Vincent <vincentvik...@gmail.com>

> Dear all,
> From some of the discussions, it is becoming increasingly obvious that the
> sanctity of the respective forums has to be maintained under all
> circumstances.  Using a public mailing lists to sort out details that
> should be discussed within the Board or within the EC is deplorable. Look
> at all the successful movements around the world and you will find that the
> simple reason for their success is discipline of thought, word and action.
> Leading a movement such as the free knowledge movement called Wikipedia
> constrained by the challenges of a pluralistic culture requires a ton of
> maturity.  There are also challenges of working with a team or teams that
> comes with diverse experiences and view points and I can assure you that
> getting frustrated and quitting or using a public forum to wash dirty linen
> is not the way forward.  Discipline, patience and perseverance are the
> keys.  The free knowledge movement provides us with an opportunity to not
> only refine society but also ourselves as human beings.  Please use this
> opportunity wisely.
> With fraternal greetings from the Free Software Movement in India
> Vikram Vincent
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