Apologies, the dates for Train-the-Trainer 2016 have slightly been changed,
the event will be held
*on 15-17 June 2016 in Bangalore.*
CIS-A2K would like to groom new leadership and sustain existing initiatives
in the community. In order to fulfil this objectives, preference will be
given to Wikimedians who are applying for the first time.
Please fill the form if you have not done yet:
Please keep on checking
for further updates or contact tanv...@cis-india.org, ra...@cis-india.org
or me at t...@cis-india.org
Thank you.

On 24 May 2016 at 11:44, Tito Dutta <trulyt...@gmail.com> wrote:

> ​​
> Greetings from CIS-A2K,
> It gives us great pleasure to inform that the Train-the-Trainer 2016
> programme
> <https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/CIS-A2K/Events/Train_the_Trainer_Program/2016>
> organised by CIS-A2K is going to be held from 17-19 June, Bangalore.
> Train-the-Trainer programme was conceptualised in order to bridge the gap
> between wiki volunteers/enthusiasts who would like to conduct off reach
> activities and have been discouraged due to non availability of resources
> and support. The three day residential event will include presentations by
> the participants regarding a plan to improve their wiki-projects, expert
> sessions about conducting effective outreach activities, best practices
> from the global wiki communities, revised grant structure of WMF,
> activities to understand WMF strategy and vision, understanding global
> metrics and coming up with a concrete plan by participants in association
> with A2K to improve their wiki-projects.
> A2K invites Wikimedians to apply for this programme. Participants will be
> selected based on their on wiki and off wiki activities and their responses
> to the questions asked in the Google form:
> https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1AmbA609Foy5gNLRw1SgK4r0YF8yFwcLLhNdvvrpC1z0/viewform
> Selected participants are required to finish pre-work assigned to them
> without fail. Please fill the Google form given below and write to us at
> tanv...@cis-india.org, t...@cis-india.org and ra...@cis-india.org for
> more details.
> Regards,
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