Hey everyone,

Wanted to provide an update on the upcoming Wikimedia Foundation’s New
Readers research in India.

We have taken feedback from a few folks, and enjoyed a good chat with
Yohann Thomas on priority research needs.

Reflecting these, we will be in India from June 13 to 27. The research will
focus on:


   Urban, semi-urban, and rural internet users

   in Hindi, Tamil, and English languages

   From education, technology, and rural industry backgrounds

   Around the Delhi (including nearby Noida and Gurgaon) and Chennai areas

We're really looking forward to visiting India and learning more about the
many different kinds of internet users there, and of course, to potentially
meeting some of you during our travels! If you are in or around Delhi /
Chennai, please email me so we can connect.

Joe Sutherland

*Joe Sutherland*
Community Advocate (International)
joesutherland.rocks | @jrbsu <http://twitter.com/jrbsu> | +44 (0) 7722 916
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