Very much had hoped to be there but won't be able to make it tomorrow :-(

Wishing you a great editathon!

Oliver (aka BT)



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Hope you can make it too Mugo.


To all: I'll get back to you sometime Friday with updates on the lecture
hall we'll be using. As Steve mentioned, note that we'll have the space till
3 pm as Strathmore closes a couple of its phases at 4 pm on Saturdays. Carry
your laptops, WiFi will be available.


I think we can still do with a few more articles on our list, I'll try add
some tomorrow, anyone, feel free to jump in also plus I've added a brief
agenda on the pad:


ps: happy to see some new names on the list of attendees :)






I wanna attend too, been busy but my calendar is slowly freeing.


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Acknowledged! See you there.


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