Hey Bruce,
Ubuntu is a pretty popular distribution with a great desktop environment plus a 
bunch of cybers already use it. It's a while since I've used it but I'd 
definitely recommend it.

Fedora is also worth taking a look at. I hear it's friendlier since Gnome 3.0 
desktop got included from Fedora 15. (though I've used 13 and 14 only).

I'd also put Mint on the list. I've never used it and I don't thinkI've been in 
a cyber running Mint. But I hear it's pretty good.

I'll be meeting up with a couple of guys - end of January - interested in 
setting up an Open Cyber Café Challenge in Kenya and Linux distros will 
probably be in our agenda; it would be great if you could drop by.



Hi guys,hope you had super holidays ,
am just waking up from the slumber ,now on matters opensource i have a friend 
who is running xp with cybercafe pro ,as you may be aware Microsoft is working 
with GoK i.e anti-piracy agency to mek sure guys get genuine software starting 
yesterday ....so the mad rush to move to opensource platform ,having said that 
am brainstorming on the best Linux distro that can be customized to look 
'window like' cz thats what non geek community are comfy with ,AND the cyber 
management software i can integrate with ,Alex and Co......any sugestions

On Thu, Dec 8, 2011 at 3:57 PM, cliff argwings <caargwi...@gmail.com> wrote:

Cool stuff Alex.
>Looking forward to see the template you are working on!
>best rgds.
>On Thu, Dec 8, 2011 at 3:44 PM, Alex Wafula <xelaw...@yahoo.com> wrote:
>Hey all,
>>I'll be working on a template over Dec and part of Jan on how an Open Cyber 
>>Café should operate and look like. By open meaning it supports/runs open 
>>tech/knowledge software and provides information to customers around the same.
>>Even with picking up of Internet access over mobile phones, Cyber Café's are 
>>still huge in Kenya (and Africa) with their core business being charging for 
>>Internet access. Sorry, no references, just my eyes (0_0)
>>I plan to use the template later on to run an Open Cyber Café challenge. The 
>>winning Cyber will of-course get featured and gain more popularity both 
>>locally and Internationally; you never know, it might be an alternative
 hacker space. Some goodies / prizes should also come in handy.
>>Currently, I'm getting in-touch with a couple of open-source enthusiasts 
>>mostly for swag (posters, brochures etc) to distribute among participating 
>>I'm looking forward to have Wikimedia on the template so suggestions/comments 
>>are welcomed.
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>WikimediaKE mailing list
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