Thank you for expressing your interest in the Moderator position. However, 
since the voting will _probably_ be at this weekend's meetup[1], it will be 
imperative for the moderators to be present and oversee the voting.


[1] I hugely emphasise on the word ''probably'' since we have quite a short 
timeline, if the voting is to take place this Saturday.

> Date: Wed, 8 Feb 2012 10:50:59 +0300
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> Subject: Re: [Wikimedia Kenya] Board Elections
> ,Having read and understood the elections details from the link posted
> by Abbas , the rules and regulations therein, with full knowledge of
> what the Board members mean to the future of WMKE Chapter ,with no
> specific interests in the Board member position  , i would like to
> offer myself to the position of The election moderator.
>          I promise to be fair , impartial and above reproach ,
> together we want to deliver uncontested election guided by rules and
> regulations in our Chapter constitution ,
> On 2/8/12, Limoke Oscar <> wrote:
> > Thanks Abbas for taking this up.
> >
> > So the next hurdle is figuring out a Moderator and his Deputy? Any
> > applicants?
> >
> > Who are up for nominations for the Board?
> >
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