LoL Abbas Mahmood

Your speech is awesome and i love it. Your diligence and personal
commitment helped steer WMKE to its current state.  Cheers to all your
effort and all the members who hang on through the hard times, the
tough times and the ugly times too. Cheers to all of us...

BTW Abbas, allow me to borrow you speech? for maybe a blog and staff?
Sire to Cite :-)
> Hello,
> This is such wonderful news.
> We have come a long way. This chapter has been two years in the making. I
> remember our very first meet-up in July 24, 2010 at Java House, Loita Street
> along with Oliver, Oscar and Dennis. Out of the ~20 winners of the Google
> challenge that I had notified about the first meeting, only the four of us
> attended. Despite our failed efforts to proselytize our fellow participants,
> we still had hope. Despite the criticisms, we still moved on. Despite the
> many failed projects, we've still managed to succeed in little projects,
> with high impact. Despite the chaos in this mailing list, the energy amongst
> us still prevails. Despite the fact that we're not yet legally recognized,
> we have managed to impact the community and partnered with several
> legally-recognized entities. Despite the huge gender gap in the global
> Wikimedia movement, we have managed to get a fair number of (awesome) ladies
> on board. Despite our differences, we are bonded by camaraderie.
> And yes, I would like a cake too. Or a bash. Or going back to Java where it
> all started. Whatever.
> Warm regards,
> Abbas.

Lastly, Can we start now asking for Membership Contributions?
Limoke Oscar,

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