Today we find ourselves today in the midst of an exciting time. Discussions
of the precedences

that will affect the future of our chapter are on the
Ensuring the strength of

that future is a tremendous responsibility and one that should never be
taken lightly.

IMO, Our chapter has served the greater part of the East Africa region and
a little bit

of the Southern Africa region yet it is a small army of volunteers whose
journey started

at the Java house 565 days ago.

This weekend, as we come together, we ought to pay tribute to all of those
who have made

incalculable contributions to the formation of the 39th Chapter of the
Wikimedia Foundation.

 Each of these men and women contributions go far beyond their actual

Contributions that were no doubt made possible, in part, by their common
roots to share

free knowledge.

You know this saying, "a dog wags its tail with its heart" - well, I am
like that dog today.

I want to say so much, but I can hardly find the words.

Am looking forward to meeting you on the Weekend at this meet-up. RSVP


Interim Treasurer.
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